What to Expect


What to Expect

At New Zion Hill, you can expect a vibrant, encouraging congregation who worship, share, and grow together through all phases of life.  We encourage all believers to strive to be the best examples of Christ possible and let their light shine so that the world can see  Jesus Christ in their lives.  

We Suggest the 5 B's

The 5 B's are listed below. We suggest them because is what you can expect to see from others both during and after the service. We pursue excellence at New Zion Hill and do start our services on time. We encourage safe travel and hope to see you at our services. The 5 B's are as follows:

Be on Time

Find out what time the service or event you are planning to attend begins. Plan accordingly considering drive time, greeting others, placing children and finding a good seat.

Be Prepared

  • Come with an expectant and open heart
  • Bring a Bible, either physical or software obtained (phone or tablet)
  • You many want to take notes, so a pen and paper or note app may be useful
  • We offer an opportunity to give. We only have one offering.

Be Involved

  • Feel free to sing along with us
  • Clapping and dancing are welcomed
  • Stand and lift your hands in worship
  • Have prayer with us

Be Aware

Church service is a corporate experience. Those around us are affected by what we do or not do.

Pagers and cell phones should be placed on silent or vibrate and should not be answered in the sanctuary during service.

Small children are welcome in all of our services but if they become restless or irritable, they should be taken out of the sanctuary until they have settled down.

Children's Church is available on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Sundays during our 11:00 am service and on 2nd Sunday at the 8:00 am service for children 2-9. All children must be potty-trained.

All food and drink should be consumed outside of the sanctuary.

Try to remain in the service from start to finish. If you must leave for any reason, please exit quietly. If you know that you will have to leave before the end other service, it is advised that you sit near a side aisle or in the rear of the sanctuary. After the Sunday morning worship service has begun, please exit using the side aisles only.

Be a Blessing

Smile at someone, share a word of encouragement, offer to help, pray for someone. You will be more likely to enjoy you Christian walk, church family and worship experience.