Join In

We believe that ministry is not a coincidence. We serve others and love on purpose. Moreover, we believe in friendship, relationships and value family. Regardless of the age of the individual or family, we are here to assist in fostering a relationship with God and other members of the Household of Faith through our various ministries. At New Zion Hill, we offer ministries for all ages:

Brotherhood Ministry

Children's Church

Christian Education

Deacon Ministry

Deaconess Ministry

Family Enrichment

Fine Arts Ministry

Flower and Condolences Committee

Helping Hands Ministry

History Committee

Hostess Ministry

Membership Ministry

Missionary Ministry

Music Ministry

Newsletter Ministry

Nurses Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Pastor's Support Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Public Relations Committee

Red Circles

Royal Ambassadors

Singles Ministry

Sound/Audio Ministry

Television Ministry

T.R.U.S.T. (Crisis Intervention)

Trustee Ministry

Ushers Ministry

Veteran's Ministry

Willing Workers Ministry

Women's Ministry

Young Adult Ministry

Youth Advisory Board